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Class Policies

  • Homework will consist of exercises from the textbook and worksheets/lesson masters that will be handed out.
  • Any exercises that are assigned from the textbook should be done in your notebook. You can either have a separate section for homework, or do your homework after that day’s notes in your notebook. Please list the page and problem number.
  • Worksheets should be done in your notebook or they can be done directly on the worksheet if there is room.
  • All work must be shown on homework. HOMEWORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT WORK BEING SHOWN.
  • Homework is not accepted late. Please make sure to have homework on the day it is due. Students who are absent have 2 days for every 1 day absent to make up their work, as per school policy (see student handbook).
  • Students will receive full credit if all the homework problems (with work shown) are completed. If at least half of the homework is done, students will receive half credit. Anything less than half of the assignment will receive no credit.
  • We will go over homework daily in class. Students should listen attentively as we go over the homework and write down the correct answer to any homework problems that were gotten wrong. Points may be deducted from your participation if you do not correct your homework.


Please feel free to see me if you have any questions and I will be glad to assist you. 


Notebook Policy

  • You will need to have 1 notebook (loose leaf or spiral) and 1 folder with 2 pockets for this class.
  • The notebook may be divided into different sections, if you prefer.                                        
  • The 2 pocket folder will be for handouts / worksheets and for returned quizzes.    
  • You should be taking notes on what we do in class every day. On the top of each days notes, please put the date and the Aim (lesson objective) which will be written on the board. If you would like to put more than one day’s notes on a side of a page, please put a line to separate the different day’s notes.
  • Your name should be on the front of your notebook and your folder.  
  • Notebooks will be collected at the end of each marking period and graded as a quiz. In the notebook should be notes with the Aim on top of each lesson and a folder or pockets in your notebook with your worksheets and quizzes. 


If you have any questions regarding the notebook, please see me after class and I will be glad to assist you.