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2016 – 2017



Students are expected to:

·         Be on time to class.

·         Be seated and have your homework out when the bell rings.

·         Come to class prepared (homework, notebook, chromebook, calculator, and pencil/pen).

·         No eating or drinking during class.

·         No usage of cell phones during class. Cell phones are not allowed be on your desk during class.

·         Be considerate and respect the rights and feelings of others.

·         Students are required to take notes and maintain a notebook. Notebooks should be kept in an orderly fashion with the date and lesson topic (Aim) on top of each lesson.

·         Students should raise their hand before speaking in class.

·         Students may not leave the classroom except on an emergency basis. Please make sure to go to the bathroom and/or water fountain before class.

·         Work, quizzes, and tests should be made up as soon as possible after an absence as per school policy (see student handbook).

·         Students should come for extra help if they are having difficulty with the material.

·         Remain seated until the teacher dismisses the class.






Grading System (per marking period)

Please Note: The marking period grade will include a homework component as per the departmental grading policy.

Graded Assessments (Includes tests and quizzes)

90 %


10 %







Ř  Each test counts as 2 quizzes.


Ř  Notebook check will count as a quiz.


Ř  Online Assignments (TenMarks) will count as half a quiz


Ř  Homework will be per the departmental homework policy (see separate handout)


I have read and will adhere to these requirements to the best of my ability.


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